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I'm Stefani (no, not like Gwen Stefani, like Stephanie), the girl behind the camera! I'm an all around lifestyle photographer located in Indiana, but literally willing to travel to wherever your heart desires, specializing in capturing loooove. I'm a mama of the three best boys in the entire world. No, I'm not biased. They're really the best. I also have two sweet kitties named Mochi and Lucy, and my horse Denali.


I've been fascinated by photography ever since my first photography class in high school, and I've absolutely fallen head over heels for capturing the stories of others. I'll laugh with you, cry with you, probably laugh some more. Ladies, need a Starbucks while you get your hair done? Say less! Fellas, never pinned on a boutonniere in your life and need a hand? I gotchu. Need some extra hands on deck with your kiddos? Rest assured I constantly keep all the snacks on hand.


Anything you can possibly imagine that might make your life easier from your wedding day to your fam sesh, I am 100% here for you. So, you down? I know I am!

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